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Wildoak Sep 29 at 9am: CARBON SHOCK - A Tale of Risk and Calculus on the Front Lines of a Disrupted Global Economy

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Wildoak Living
Wildoak Living airs every alternate Monday from 9 am to 10 am and is hosted by Johanna Wildoak.
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The next live broadcast of Wildoak Living, the radio program about living sustainably in Mendocino County and beyond, airs on Monday, September 29, at 9am Pacific Time.

Program Topic:

CARBON SHOCK: A Tale of Risk and Calculus on the Front Lines of a Disrupted Global Economy

What are the costs of climate change?
Who has the responsibility to pay them?
And whom do we pay?

These are some of the questions award-winning journalist Mark Schapiro addresses in his new book Carbon Shock: A Tale of Risk and Calculus on the Front Lines of a Disrupted Global Economy. He illuminates the points where our economy and climate change intersect, and aims us toward remedies that have the potential of lowering our emissions and staving off further global warming--by affixing to carbon a price that more accurately reflects its far-reaching cost.

In Carbon Shock, Schapiro distills his years of research on climate change and our efforts to manage it to offer equal parts problem and potential solution. From London to Brasilia, Shenzhen to California’s Central Valley, Schapiro explores carbon’s impacts today, including the multitude of hidden ways we bear its costs. He maps out the geopolitical and financial battles raging all around us, just out of view. And he illuminates efforts within our existing economy to fix a price to carbon that not only accurately assesses its far-reaching costs, but that also stimulates what may be life-saving responses.

Although then Vice President Al Gore labeled a carbon tax “political suicide” back in 1997, Schapiro makes clear that’s exactly what every one of us
has been paying ever since, simply not by that name. “It is only by seeing climate change through the prism of its costs,” speculates Schapiro, “that we might overcome the illusions that have kept us from making an honest assessment of our options.”

With “Climate Week” in NYC last week, and the Paris climate summit a year away --where world leaders will be tasked with crafting an agreement that takes up where Kyoto leaves off in 2020--an expanded and invigorated dialogue on our response to climate change becomes all the more timely and vital.

Journalist Mark Schapiro explores the intersection of the environment, economics, and political power, most recently as a correspondent at the Center for Investigative Reporting. His work has been published in Harpers, The Atlantic, Yale 360, and other publications. He has reported stories for the PBS newsmagazine Frontline/World, NOW with Bill Moyers, and public radio's Marketplace, and is the author of Exposed: The Toxic Chemistry of Everyday Products and What's at Stake for American Power. He is also an adjunct professor at the University of California, Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism and at the Monterey Institute of International Studies.

His awards include the Society of Professional Journalists Sigma Delta Chi, a DuPont, the Society of Environmental Journalists Reporting Award, a National Magazine Award, and a Kurt Schork Award for International reporting. Schapiro lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, California.
Please join us for this conversation and call with your questions for Mark Shapiro. 

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Wildoak Living airs every alternate Monday from 9 am to 10 am and is hosted by Johanna Wildoak.

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