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Wildoak Living
Wildoak Living airs every alternate Monday from 9 am to 10 am and is hosted by Johanna Wildoak.
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This program, Wildoak Livingthe radio program about living sustainably in Mendocino County and beyond aired on Monday, October 12 from 9 to 10am PT on KZYX.


(please look for the programs by date, Oct 12. It may take a couple hours after the programs aired for this recording to become available). 


You can listen to PART 1 of this series on Valley Fire Recovery (which aired Sep. 28) here: Link to Part 1

Program Topic: 


Recovery from the Valley Fire in Lake County, Part 2



Johanna “Wildoak” hosted part 2 of her series about recovery from the Valley Fire. Her goal for this series is primarily to share information that can help our neighbors in Lake County in their recovery. At the same time, she would also like us all to be well prepared for future disasters, be they wildfires, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, etc. You can listen to part 1 of this series here: Part 1

The focus of part 2 of this series is animal rescue. During the Valley fire in Lake County, many veterinarians, animal rescue organizations, other organizations and volunteers came forward to rescue, feed, water and house animals that were evacuated and in shelters or animals that were left behind during evacuations or injured by the fire. During this program, Johanna talks with some of these amazing people who have done and are doing so much to help animals. You can read much more at the links provided in the Resource List below. Here are just some of the ways they and many others are helping animals impacted by the Valley fire and other recent wildfires and emergencies:

  • They risked their own safety and lives to help animals in need by going into the fire evacuation areas and rescuing dogs, cats, horses and livestock. 
  • The are working to reunite animals that had to be left behind during evacuations with their owners. 
  • They are treating injured animals at no cost;
  • They are raising funds and distributing materials to house, feed and care for animals;
  • They are providing housing for and are fostering pets, horses and livestock;
  • They are helping to find new homes for the many animals who can no longer be cared for because their owners lost their homes and possibly their livelihoods. 

Guests on the program (in alphabetical order):

  • Julie Solomon Atwood with HALTER, Horse and Livestock Team Emergency Rescue, an organization that is “Leading Rural Residents to Safety & Readiness”. 
  • John Madigan, DVM, Distinguished Professor, Dept of Medicine and Epidemiology, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California-Davis. He trained and led the Veterinary Emergency Response Team (VERT) that responded to the Valley Fire. 
  • Grant Miller, DVM, Director of Regulatory Affairs of the California Veterinary Medical Association. During the Valley fire animal rescue. He kept in constant communication with the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, which allowed the UC Davis Veterinary Emergency Response Team access to the many animals it was able to help.
  • Katie Moore, Executive Director of the Sonoma County CHANGE Program (Coins to Help Abandoned and NeGlected Equines). She has been instrumental in facilitating the Valley fire recovery process and currently is handling all donation and volunteer logistics for the Middletown Animal Hospital. The CHANGE Program supports local law enforcement in managing equine humane cases including neglect, abuse, abandonment and relinquishment.
  • Jeffrey Smith, DVM, Middletown Animal Hospital. He and his staff are working tirelessly to treat animals injured in the Valley fire and to and reunite animals who had to be left behind when their owners had to evacuate. They are treating animals injured during the fire at no cost (see also
Our guests shared so much powerful information with us that we decided to reschule two of the guests and invite them to be on the air on the next Wildoak Living program on Oct 26 for part 3 of the Valley Fire recovery series, when we will be joined by:
  • Jeff Charter, Executive Director of the Petaluma Animal Services Foundation. He and his organization worked tirelessly to rescue, feed, water and provide supplies for animals left behind during the evacuation process and at the evacuation shelters. They are continuing to provide services and helping place animals whose owners can no longer care for them due to the fire. 
  • Pam Ingalls, Board President, Wine Country Animal Lovers (WCAL), a non-profit animal rescue serving the upper Napa Valley and Lake County.

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