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Posted by Wildoak Living
Wildoak Living
Wildoak Living airs every alternate Monday from 9 am to 10 am and is hosted by Johanna Wildoak.
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on Saturday, 29 August 2015 in Uncategorized

Join Johanna "Wildoak" for a live broadcast of Wildoak Living, the radio program about living sustainably in Mendocino County and beyond.

Redwood Forest Foundation (RFFI) - 

Usal Redwood Forest Management Plan


This week Johanna talks with Mark Welther, RFFI President & CEO, Heidi Knott Gundling, RFFI Board Member and Judy Harwood, Project Manager of the RFFI Biochar Demonstration Project


The Redwood Forest Foundation, Inc. is a private non-profit with a vision to "establish community-based forests that provide both critical habitat for increased biodiversity and improved regional economic vitality.” It’s mission is to "acquire, protect, restore, and manage forestlands and other related resources in the Redwood Region for the long-term benefit of the communities located there. “ 


RFFI has recently posted it’s Usal Redwood Forest Management Plan that articulates RFFI's policies and practices for managing the Usal Forest.  They are "striving to create a model of "working community forests" by purchasing and sustainably managing the once great redwood forests surrounding the communities of the redwood region in northwestern California."


Topics we will discuss include: 

  • The Usal Redwood Forest Management Plan
  • Forest Stewardship Council Certification
  • Forest and Watershed Restoration, including road decommissioning, stream bed restoration, Coho salmon recovery and restoration. 
  • Vegetation Management, including bans on the use of herbicides in the Usal Forest to control low-value hardwoods that compete with redwoods. 
  • Carbon sequestration
  • Wood Products and Jobs
  • Biochar: Project Manager Judy Harwood talks about how RFFI began producing high-quality RFFI North Coast Biochar and is now selling in bulk and establishing a local market.

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Wildoak Living airs every alternate Monday from 9 am to 10 am and is hosted by Johanna Wildoak.

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