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Forthright Radio 12-16-15 Suzanne Kelly GREENING DEATH & John Trudell WHAT HAPPENED TO THE TRIBES OF EUROPE

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Forthright Radio
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on Thursday, 17 December 2015 in Public Affairs and Local News

To hear this edition of Forthright Radio with Suzanne Kelly and John Trudell, click on this link.


WHAT HAPPENED TO THE TRIBES IN EUROPE  from his cd, DNA: DESCENDANT NOW ANCESTOR and SPECTATOR …  John Trudell in his own words.  It begins at 37:00 minutes into the broadcast.

SUZANNE KELLY, PhD is an independent scholar, writer and garlic grower living in New York’s Hudson Valley. Her work spans the topics of the environment, feminism, sex, and death.  She is Vice President of Friends of Rhinebeck Cemetery, Inc. , and chair of the Town of Rhinebeck Cemetery Committee, where she collaborated in the development of the second municipal natural burial ground in New York State.

On Dec. 8th, 2015 poet, philosopher, political activist, JOHNTRUDELL, died of prostate cancer at the age of 69.  John had been very generous in coming to Mendocino County over the years.  We share his voice with a selection from his cd DNA: DESCENDANT NOW ANCESTOR, entitled WHAT HAPPENED TO THE TRIBES IN EUROPE, and then a short piece, SPECTATOR.  It shows his wisdom, understanding and deep compassion for all beings.  John Trudell, in his own words….. beginning at 37:00 minutes of the broadcast.

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To see all available audio archives of Forthright Radio go to our website link shown above.

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