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The Sonic Blender hits Nashville

Posted by Katharine Cole
Katharine Cole
Katharine Cole, DJ for the Sonic Blender, is a pioneer in the Bay Area Americana music scene. She holds a degr...
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on Sunday, 22 September 2013 in Uncategorized

Hello from the helm of The Sonic Blender! I've just returned from my annual pilgrimage to Nashville for the Amerianafest and I've gathered a lot of good music, stories, and audio directly from the conference. I'll be including that in my next show which will be TUESDAY, OCTOBER 1st so put that in your calendar and smoke it. The high point for me was seeing the interview with Rosanne Cash and being able to speak with her personally that morning about her upcoming release. She performed at the 3rd & Lindsley and I was also privileged to see the premier performance of the album from end to end. Also ran into Delbert McClinton who is celebrating the release of an album with Guy Clark (you've heard it on my show already!). The success of this Americana Festival has been that now many people are just buying conference badges to get into all the great live shows, so the industry segment is shrinking a bit. Also a bit of a bummer (sorry my lawyer friends) but there was a law school using the panels during the day as an entertainment law seminar and man, did that get boring when going to see a panel about live shows and getting an essay on insurance contracts and torts - ugh! Let's hope for more separation next year.


Best panel was held by Tamara Saviano and Rod Picott covering the real-life work of independent musicians. What a lot of great information and you can check our her book on the subject "From Art to Commerce" if you're interested in the challenges of the independent songwriter.


I did have a few achievements of my own - I got my ribs at Rippy's (across from the ever-entertaining Taylor Swift concert goers and tour vans blocking Broadway side streets), got my catfish to Puckett's as well and was treated to three sad songwriters who were trying to perform over the din of the dinners.


Well, here's to the first day of Fall - and I hope you will tune into my next show in October, y'all!


Katharine Cole, The Sonic Blender

Katharine Cole, DJ for the Sonic Blender, is a pioneer in the Bay Area Americana music scene. She holds a degree in Music from UCLA, is a member of BMI, Nashville Association of Songwriters, and NARAS/Grammy. She has been a career musician and music critic, for over 25 years.

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