Today from noon to 3pm we are pre-empting our regular programming to bring you the Grassroots Cannabis Forum from the Little Lake Grange in Willits. It is composed of a panel of mostly locals who are small cannabis farmers. There are also three attorneys on the panel, including two are running against each other for a Mendocino County judicial seat in the upcoming election.There is a panel of journalists representing KZYX, the Ukiah Daily Journal, and some independent journalists as well.

CANNABIS HOUR producer/host Jane Futcher (who is also a member of our board of directors) will be part of the journalist panel, and she will then be going to the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors marijuana ad hoc committees' community forum across town at the Senior Center in Willits. That event takes place 2-5pm. Our reporters Sheri Quinn and Valerie Kim will then be going to that forum as well, but it will not be broadcast live. Tape from that forum, put on by Supervisors Dan Hamburg and Tom Woodhouse, will be presented in stories on the KZYX Community News next week.

You can listen on the radio, listen to the live stream at, or listen through, where it will be available for later streaming. It will be mislabeled, but just look for the hours of program that take place today, Saturday, February 6th, between noon and 3pm.