To hear this archive edition of Forthright Radio with Phyllis Bennis & Greenpeace activists blockading a Shell icebreaker in Portland harbor, click on this link.

In the first half hour, we speak with Phyllis Bennis of the Institute for Policy Studies about the ever more complicated situation in the middle east.  Then, in the second half of the show, we go to Portland, OR, where Greenpeace activists were suspended from a bridge, as well as blockading with kayaks, in an effort to prevent a Shell oil ice breaker from leaving the harbor, without which  Shell would be unable to drill for oil in the fragile Arctic Ocean.

On July 20th, 32 Kurdish humanitarian activists were killed in an ISIS suicide bombing just inside Turkey, near the Syrian town of Kobane,  which caused Turkey to enter the war against ISIS, allowing the US to use Turkey airspace and now, according to Kurdish sources, Turkey had perpetrated up to 400 airstrikes against the PKK - the Kurdish Workers Party - inside Kurdish Iraq.  NATO has stated they fully support Turkey’s action.  The Kurdish fighters have widely been acknowledged as the most effective force against ISIS, so Turkey’s aggression against them, as well as the US & NATO support for Turkey seem unfathomable to many.  Phyllis Bennis explains these developments, and more.

Then, in the second half, a Greenpeace activist from Chicago, Mary Nichol, gives a real time, on the ground, eyewitness witness account of their blockade.