To hear this archived edition of Forthright Radio with Andrew Nikiforuk, - and find out who is Jessica Ernst, and why do some call her the “Joan of Arc of Canada”?  - click on this link.

For more than three decades Andrew Nikiforuk has written about energy, economics and the West for a variety of Canadian publications.
In the late 1990s, he investigated the social and ecological impacts of intensive livestock industries, and the legacy of northern uranium mining for the Calgary Herald.
His journalism has won seven National Magazine Awards since 1989 and top honors for investigative writing from the Association of Canadian Journalists. His award winning books include,  Saboteurs: Wiebo Ludwig’s War Against Big Oil;  Pandemonium, which exposes the impact of global trade on disease exchanges;  The Tar Sands: Dirty Oil and the Future of the Continent;  Empire of the Beetle, an account of how one tiny beetle reshaped the geography of the west;  The Energy of Slaves: Oil and the New Servitude.

His latest investigative book, Slick Water, FRACKING AND ONE INSIDER’S STAND AGANST THE WORLD’S MOST POWERFUL INDUSTRY, examines the moral and legal implications of hydraulic fracturing, a brute force technology, that contaminates aquifers and causes earthquakes. In particular the book highlights the remarkable story of oil patch consultant, Jessica Ernst, and her lawsuit against Encana Energy, as well as two government agencies.