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During the first half, we speak with Dan Grazier about military spending and Pentagon reform. In the second half, we speak with Melinda St. Louis, International Campaigns Director of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch about the Trans Pacific Partnership and other pending international trade deals.

Dan Grazier is a former Marine Corps officer, who served tours of duty in both Iraq and Afghanistan.  While on active duty, he often wrote papers on military reform and maneuver warfare appearing in the Marine Corps Gazette, Fires Bulletin, and Small Wars Journal.  In 2012, he graduated from the Marine Corps Expeditionary Warfare School.  On the Project for Government Oversight, POGO’s, website it states: The Jack Shanahan Fellowship position was created this year, for dedicated military reformers with combat experience, to leverage POGO’s leadership role in the Pentagon Budget Campaign on Capitol Hill.  The goal of the Straus Military Reform Project, which partners with the Center for Defense Information, is to secure far more effective military forces, and much more ethical and professional military and civilian leadership at significantly lower budget levels.

Melinda St. Louis is International Campaigns Director with Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch. She monitors U.S. trade negotiations at the World Trade Organization, as well as regional and bilateral trade and investment talks, including the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), and coordinates with civil society partners around the globe to promote the public interest in the context of international commercial and investment agreements. Prior to joining Public Citizen, for more than a decade, Melinda St. Louis was a leading advocate and campaigner on global economic justice issues, playing leadership roles in the Jubilee USA Network, Witness for Peace, and the Campaign for Labor Rights, among other grassroots advocacy organizations. She has lived and worked in Nicaragua and El Salvador, and currently serves as Chair of the Board of the Latin America Working Group. She received a Master of Public Policy degree in International Policy and Development from Georgetown University.