Wow! 25 years of programming here at KZYX. I've been on board for just the last five or so of those years and I can tell you I am so very, very proud to be a part of this station. There are a few people who helped me along the way to become not only a better programmer, but a better listener, a better communicator and a better person: Rich Culbertson who shows what dedication TRULY is; Diane Herring and Ann Cole who single-handedly through tedium ad finitum finally put KZYX pledges and membership lists on the right track saving the station, literally; Mary Aigner of course - she's gruff, she's tuff, she's brilliant and has two key ingredients most PDs lack - patience and an innate sense of humor (yep, that's right). Now Mr. Coate, he's just crazy enough to ride on a crazy bus and still is getting on, so thanks for riding the crazy KZYX bus even when all the signs said it was heading for a cliff! Best to cohorts Corporal Cin and Terri B for taking over Pride Radio Mendocino and making it EVEN BETTER! Did I say, love you guys? I DO!