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Outreach Volunteer

A vital component of growing our community radio station is outreach.  KZYX&Z is committed to growing our community of listeners and members, not only in size but in strength.  We recognize that the broader our community grows the better we become as a station.  One of the best ways to grow our community is to get volunteers out there to give a few hours of their time letting people know what KZYX&Z is all about.  For the volunteer that wants to help grow our community we have a number of options.

Event outreach: As often as possible, we try to get on the ground at Mendocino County events and festivals so we can meet with the community that we are trying to serve.  It is one of the best ways to let people know about the value of KZYX&Z.  We always have fun (like building “radio towers” with tinker-toys) and are received well.  The ideal person to volunteer in outreach is an outgoing personality that is comfortable talking about why they think our station is worth listening to and supporting.  We like to do things in teams for outreach, so if you come to “person” a booth at a festival or expo we will pair you up with someone and help you represent the station in the best way possible.

Hosting outreach:  When we throw a party, put on a concert, or host an event we need volunteers to help make everything go smoothly.  Sometimes we need people to pick up supplies, greet people at the door, or just make sure that everyone is having fun.  This is a great volunteer opportunity for the person who likes having fun, and wants to share their enthusiasm for whatever we are putting together.

Click here to let us know how you can help.

KZYX Phone Numbers

Business office 707-895-2324

Philo studio 707-895-2448

Willits studio 707-456-9991

Mendocino studio 707-937-5103

KZYX Underwriting

KZYX doesn’t play commercials but we do have underwriting, which is very different from advertising. It is a great way to support KZYX and in exchange we will let our listeners know what goods and services your organization offers.

For questions about underwriting on KZYX, call (707) 895-2324 or email uw [at] kzyx [dot] org

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