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Broadcasting Volunteer

There are so many of ways to be a part of the broadcasting of the station.  Some of our broadcast volunteers are heard on the air and some are work behind the scenes silently to makes our programs sound good.  Whether your interest is engineering or getting your voice out to the thousands that listen to us, we just may have a place for you.

On-Air Talent - KZYX&Z always welcomes new volunteers with a desire to be on the air. We are always excited to find those that want to share their talents,and knowledge of subjects ranging from health to education, jazz to classical and beyond. It will come as no surprise that this is where most people want to volunteer.  Therefore, sometimes it takes a little longer to achieve your own show.  But, we always have opportunities for you to learn the craft by engineering other local and national programs.

If you have an idea for a program, the first step is to start developing a program proposal.  Every show starts somewhere- if you have an idea we want to hear about it. 

Engineering - This is where a lot of our programmers get their start.  With a little training you can help us screen calls, control microphones, and make any program a little cleaner.  This is a great opportunity for people that want to be a part of the action, but would rather not be the voice from the other side of the radio. 

News - Mendocino County has only one broadcast news program that tries to cover it all Monday through Friday.  Our news department is always looking for those in the community who know about a particular subject or geographical area and can help get information about the big stories to us quickly.  Our news team is great at teaching volunteers how to put together news pieces, and recognizes that with your help our community news is better.  There are a variety of ways you can help KZYX&Z’s news department (which can be a great opportunity to start a career in journalism) from collecting clippings to background research.

Local News Reporters - We are always looking for those  in the community to put together new pieces that are featured on our station Monday through Friday.  With a little training almost anyone can be a KZYX&Z news reporter.  Is there an event or activity that you have a particular perspective on?  Is there an area that we can use your expertise to better inform our community?  If there is give us a call about becoming a volunteer reporter. 

Follow this link to a form to let us know how you can help.

KZYX Phone Numbers

Business office 707-895-2324

Philo studio 707-895-2448

Willits studio 707-456-9991

Mendocino studio 707-937-5103

KZYX Underwriting

KZYX doesn’t play commercials but we do have underwriting, which is very different from advertising. It is a great way to support KZYX and in exchange we will let our listeners know what goods and services your organization offers.

For questions about underwriting on KZYX, call (707) 895-2324 or email uw [at] kzyx [dot] org

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